Mental Clarity & Emotional Release - Premium Membership

Enjoy Simple Private Sessions

Experience Deep Peace And The Ability To Feel Totally Alive

In the Mental Clarity & Emotional Release program you will enjoy:

  • A soothing partnership with me as I guide you through each emotionally boosting session
  • LIVE sessions as well as recorded sessions using our voice messaging system
  • Coaching that feels like a spa for your brain and soul
  • Step by step guidance as you discover what needs to be released during each session
  • UNLIMITED access so that you can experience “tune-ups” between sessions keeping you in a state of balance, peace and clarity
  • A safe space for you to get deeply connected to yourself and your loved ones. You will get consistent support for emotional growth and mental clarity as you remove negative habits and thinking patterns

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This package includes:
  • 12x 30 min virtual appointments in private voice chat 
  • Unlimited access for tune up sessions in private voice chat room
  • First views on all my online classes and lectures in a Teachable  Video library
  • Essential oils and supplies bonus bundle (value nearly $900)
  • Own the 7 day cleanse video modules
Investment: $3,958
Client Feedback
"I had difficulty TRUSTING and had such a NEGATIVE VIEW of myself. I was also in a great deal of physical PAIN. Renèe's coaching helped by making me truly see what my UNDERLYING PROBLEM was and that I had those feelings so deep I didn't realize how much it was affecting me in daily life. She helped me by DRAWING OUT THOSE FEELINGS and helped me to see that I can overcome or deal with and endure the feelings and challenges. She reached a deep part of me with her teaching. I especially enjoy the effects of tapping with the oils. Just her listening to me helped me to let a lot go. I thank her for being there."

Emma Zills, Volunteer Bible Teacher

"Honestly before I started working Renee, I was in CONSTANT PAIN with no real relief other than very strong pain meds that had horrible side affects. I was feeling completely DEFEATED and OVERWHELMED with what I thought the rest of my life would be like. But then came Renèe. Let's first say Renee is an amazing LOVING SOUL! She heard my concerns and helped me find what worked for me. I've worked with other natural health providers and always felt like I was not heard. Renee helped me to find the right essential oils and the right stress management techniques to give me relief from my pain. I now go to the hospital and doctor less. I have healthy systems that work for me right at home on top of a better outlook and mindset while LIVING WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS."

Nikita Williams, Creative Coach

"Before working with Renèe I had a lot of anxiety. I felt stressed all the time and had negative thoughts about myself. In addition to that was significant arthritis pain. LOVE my experience now. I have a lot less anxiety and I am better able to control my depression and negative thoughts. A nice and surprising side effect is that I've had a reduction in arthritis pain."

Mary Mongrut, Sign Language Interpreter

"I've used essential oils for DECADES and have a better than average experience with them. However, I decided to work with Renèe because I had a level of frustration about which oils to use and how to use them in an integrated way. After working with Renee I have so many blends!! I feel lighter in SPIRIT. Definitely RESTING better and able to bring down my elevated heart rate with the breathing techniques we practiced."

Chatone Morrison, Content Strategist