Aromatherapy Discovery Call

I teach people how to take back control of their emotional strength and boost their energy levels through aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping. As a coach, I’ve developed a unique program that incorporates these energetic and sensory elements to guide my clients through emotional detox and gain mental clarity in a variety of areas of their lives.

What would be different in your life if you incorporated these methods into your life? This call will help you visualize what can happen in your personal life when making use of my coaching and unique process. 

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This package includes:
  • 1x 30 min appointments
Investment: Free
Client Feedback
"Before working with Renèe I had a lot of anxiety. I felt stressed all the time and had negative thoughts about myself. In addition to that was significant arthritis pain. LOVE my experience now. I have a lot less anxiety and I am better able to control my depression and negative thoughts. A nice and surprising side effect is that I've had a reduction in arthritis pain."

Mary Mongrut

"I am dealing with several health issues that were causing stress and being made worse by STRESS. This is not a great cycle. So I reached out to Renèe who gave practical advice and added tools to my almost empty SELF CARE TOOL BELT. I appreciate her assistance in regaining balance and meeting my wellness goals."

Amelia Roberts

"Renèe has a TRUE GIFT as a coach. Working with her I experienced growth both personally and professionally. She is more than just a coach, I consider her to be a dear friend."

Mel Bayol

"Working with Renèe has helped me to notice, accept and release EMOTIONAL GUNK and LIMITING BELIEFS that I didn't know i struggled with. This form of discovery through consultation and EMOTIONAL HEALING with the use of essential oils has been a phenomenal experience!"