4) Somatic Stretch® Individual assessment session

For those wishing to have their individual, physical issues addressed, we meet online (or in person) and record our session so you can review your personalized stretch class at home. Throughout our 75-minutes together, we go over your issues, injuries and constraints in detail, find exercises that work best to help alleviate them, make sure you understand how to work with them correctly, and set you free for two weeks to practice with your 'new way' of stretching. 

After two weeks, we then set up a second, 75-minute recorded session to answer questions, stretch together, and make refinements to your personalized plan.

You leave with a better understanding of what can cause your particular condition and how to work with it, as well as two personalized, hour-long recordings you can use regularly to create progress over the short and long term.

For more information on Somatic Stretch® click here. 

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This package includes:
  • 2x 75 min appointments
  • Two personalised 60-minute videos for ongoing practice
  • Both sessions completed within a 60-day timeline
Investment: $495