Strategy Session

Podcasting can often feel overwhelming and like walking in the dark. That's where strategy sessions come in. Designed to meet you where you are right now and help you move forward with a strategy that gets you where you want to be. 
A Strategy Session Is Great When:
  • When you have a problem you can’t figure out on your own.
  • You want an easy plan of action so you know exactly what your next steps are.
  • You need some clarity on getting your podcast from an idea in your head to actually launching it or you’re not sure on your content plan.
  • You’re not feeling very confident on how to ask guests and communicate with them to come on your podcast but you really want them to join you.
  • You want a second opinion on launching your podcast or managing certain parts of it but you don’t want to invest in any of those services right now.
  • Maybe there’s something else you’re struggling with that’s not listed, no worries! I can cover so much more and anything you need help with.
How Does It Work?
  • Pre-call questionnaire - I'll send you my signature AGM framework questionnaire.
  • Book a time to call - After receiving your questionnaire results, I'll send you a link to book a call with me (giving me at least 48 hours to review your questionnaire)!
  • Join me on our call - we'll meet on Zoom to chat about your issue and how we can solve it. You can pick my brain and we can have a collaborative conversation to help make sure you are confident and clear on your plan!
  • Receive your plan of action - within 48 hours of our call, I'll send you a step-by-step plan on how to action what we spoke about moving forwards.
  • Access to Voxer - I'll also give you access to me via Voxer as well as access so you can follow-up with any extra questions or any issues you may have. (Psst: you'll also be able to email me if you don't have access to Voxer!)

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This package includes:
  • 1x 60 min appointment.
  • Recording of the call.
  • Action plan.
  • 5 days of Voxer support.
Investment: £97
Client Feedback
"Working with Ally was an incredible experience and helped me go from a vague idea to submitting my podcast to iTunes in a little over a week. Everything, from the pre call questionnaire, to the Voxer support after the call helped me gain clarity and kept me accountable too. Ally provided editing tutorials which helped me see that it was going to be far easier than I thought and got rid of my number 1 mindset block around podcasting. Throughout the whole process, Ally was friendly, encouraging, and challenged me to push myself. Truly everything you could want in a coach. Thanks so much for your support. There is no way I would have been able to focus on what was important to me and make it happen in such a short time without you."

Rosalyn Oxer