Social Media Marketing Coaching - Package of 4 Sessions

  • Coaching sessions will support you with: 
    • creating and implementing a promotion/marketing strategy
    • brainstorming content
    • choosing online tools and platforms that are the best fit for you
    • problem-solving any challenges you’re running into, including tech issues, time management, and emotional blocks

  • At the end of each session, you will be emailed  “homework” based on the coaching to hold you accountable and clarify anything discussed and taught (including resources).

  • Your progress will be analyzed and provided with feedback on elements such as: 
    • your website
    • social media
    • graphic design
    • copywriting
    • live streaming content
    • anything else you’re creating that relevant to the coaching

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This package includes:
  • Four (4) x 60 min video-based coaching sessions
    • Each video session will be recorded for your reference, which will be helpful during times of screen sharing for visual aid
Investment: $1,200
Client Feedback
"Whitney gave feedback and ideas to help me get unstuck. She is a wealth of knowledge and offered ideas that I had no idea about and would never have even thought of. Her program gave me courage and inspiration to face my fears of social media. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for growth in their social media, Podcasts, and overall digital exposure!"

Tansy Rodgers

"As a sleep professional, I was always looking for ways to increase sleep awareness and advocacy in my community. I wanted to start small with group meetings, but very soon realized venues, transportation and outreach were big obstacles to overcome for participants. I found out about Whitney's coaching sessions after following her on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to help me with my niche branding, social media strategies, time management and so much more. The one-on-one virtual sessions with her were engaging and convenient. I now have the tools to not only help me reach my community but multiple communities worldwide."

Lisa Collins

"When I first discovered Whitney's coaching sessions, the thought of starting a website and creating my brand was just an idea. It was a journey that I wanted to start "someday", possibly in a few years. After a few sessions with her, that "someday" became now, and I couldn't be more pumped and excited about turning my dream into a reality. Whitney shares her secrets to success and provides you with all the tools necessary to succeed. She will provide you with personalized strategies that you can begin implementing immediately and start seeing results. In just a couple months, she has helped me turn my idea into an awesome website and taught me how to build a strong presence across all the social media platforms. Whether you are a beginner or looking to grow your current brand, these classes will help take you to the next level and are definitely worth the investment."

Vince Lia

"We absolutely loved coaching with Whitney. She is so inspiring and we feel extremely uplifted by the lessons. It has definitely opened our eyes to our strengths and weaknesses. Her support has been incredible. She really helped us steer our vision for our business. We would have been completely lost without Whitney."

Natalie and Ceri