A Day Of Healing - Aromatherapy Workshop & Follow Up Sessions (Good for 1 Participant Ticket)

Renèe teaches holistic aromatherapy which she calls REAL Aromatherapy. Why? Renèe has been trained by world leading and globally recognized Aromatherapist, as well as completed over 20 of her own case studies. Therefore you will learn essential oil best practices as well as personalized recommendations for your own therapeutic blends.

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Renèe, here's whats included

1. 1:1 blending along with Renèe and personalized for you!
2. A variety of essential oils included!
3. A variety of carrier oils are included!
4. A variety of equipment and supplies will be provided including inhalers

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This package includes:
  • 1 x 10 min appointment to get you situated and ready for your workshop

Investment: $375