Discovery Call / Talk Story

This call offers you a chance to ask questions like

  • What does a health coach do? 
  • How can I launch my own health coach business?
  • What the heck is cycle syncing? 
  • Can you really have a symptom-free period? 
  • What's it like working with you during pregnancy and postpartum? 
  • My doctor said I won't be able to conceive without IVF because of my PCOS, is that true? 
  • What do you mean you have a menstrual leave policy?
  • Would you be interested in collaborating on a project or offer? 
  • And anything else!

Note: This call is not a coaching or consulting session. We won't be doing any deep dives or strategizing. 

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This package includes:
  • this session lasts anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour 
  • Meets via videoconferencing (link sent during confirmation)
Investment: Free