The Bold Launch 1:1

Maybe you feel like this

You have a business idea you're ready to make a reality but you don't even know where to start. You're ready to launch your coaching or creative business but all of these questions are floating around your head + it's scary. You wish there was a guide + a roadmap that would get you to launch day.

You + I will spend 4 months working together to learn all about mindset, clarifying your idea + niching down, clarifying your offers, the setup of your company, business processes that will make your business run smoother, branding + your website, + social media.

We will work through The Bold Launch Method + prepare you to launch your dream business. When we're done you'll have a fully fleshed out business, a forever accountability buddy (I'm not gonna drop you like a hot potato when we're done!) + an understanding of what owning your own business actually looks like. You'll be well on your way to 5 + 6 figure months in no time!

It doesn't have to be that way

Launching a business doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary. It doesn't have to make your palms sweaty, knees weak or arms heavy every time you think about it or make you feel sick because you have NO idea what to do! It CAN be fun, exciting + simplified + that's my goal. To take you from - "Dear God what am I doing" to "I got this + I can't WAIT to launch"!


  • Eliminate the business launch overwhelm
  • Prepare you for the surprises that come with owning your own business.
  • Set up your business for success
  • Help you create a strong foundation for you to build on

Sound impossible? Keep reading!

Join me 1:1 for this amazing 4 month journey! We will work through the overwhelm together + create a clear path for your business success!

We will be diving deep + working through The Bold Launch Method. You will be receiving homework + accountability as we build your brand + website, create social media strategies, flush out your ideas with market research + learning more about your ideal clients + so much more! This coaching will jumpstart the launch of your business + set you up to come out of the gate strong!

This Coaching Includes

This coaching includes so much more than a roadmap + guide on how to start your business. This is where excitement + clarity + accountability meet + make something magical!


  • Have a very clear roadmap that will enable you to launch your dream business in 4 months
  • Work 1:1 to create something amazing
  • Clarify your business + prepare you for launch
  • Have access to me + my personal network to launch + grow your business¬† ¬†

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This package includes:
This is my 1:1 Coaching that lasts for 4 months with 2 modules per month covered and includes:
  • 1:1 work through The Bold Launch Method with customized, more detailed, information
  • 2 Zoom calls every month to go over modules
  • Virtual launch party at the end of the coaching
  • Weekly homework + tasks assigned through coaching app
  • Voxer messaging during business hours (10am-4pm PST)
  • Membership to my Bold SheEO's Facebook Group
Investment: $1,200 / month