Example Coaching
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Example Session (Book Me to Experience Paperbell!)
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Go ahead and book this session as a test to see the entire Paperbell experience first-hand. Don't worry, it isn't a real appointment. 
Monthly Ongoing Coaching
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You can create a subscription to support clients on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions are an excellent way to break out of your "feast or famine" cycle and create predictable, more even revenue in your coaching business. 
Multi-Session Package: Pay Up Front for Four Sessions
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A container to create your strategic plan for the next quarter. You'll walk away with a detailed strategic plan to share with your team. 
Payment Plan Package: Pay for Six Sessions Over Six Months
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With Paperbell, you can create payment plans to allow your clients to pay over time. You can choose any amount of sessions, paid over any amount of time. 
Subscription Package - 3 Sessions Per Month
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Want ongoing support? Work with me every week to stay on the right track and keep moving forward. 
Two Payments for Four Sessions (Payment Plan Package)
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Mix up your packages however you like - in this one, you're offering four sessions on a two-pay plan. Clients can book these sessions up front or over time, using Paperbell's booking system.